Monday, 28 February 2011

FPBA Convention Las Vegas - 2011 images from Day 2 - Painted Hands Class

 I love teaching about painted hands, it is such a wonderful way to use your body art skills and let rip with your imagination. Many of my commerical jobs feature painted hand looks of many different kinds. During the class we explored painted hands inthe media and spent time examining hand art by a range of artists.

 With the students feeling suitably inspired, I decided to allow empower the students to each create paint thier own hands to collage together into a our own verson of a painting. I chose the image Tiger Surprised by Henri Rousseau to inspire the students and guided them through creating thier own looks to jigsaw together into a finished look.
  The results were amazing, the students showed some really excellent work! Especally my youngest student - my 7 year old daughter, Isobel, who was shadowing her Mummy for the day! Here is a selection of the different looks we created. Well done everyone!!
If you are interested in taking a painted hands class I will be running one at the FABAIC Convention in Orlando at the end of May. Hope to see you there!!

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Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Naked Truth Charity Calendar raises over £150,000 for The Lighthouse Club.

Byrnes Brothers hand over a cheque for over £153,000

Towards the end of last year I worked on a series of bodypainting images for a calendar for The Byrne Group called "The Naked Truth". We spent a week in the studio and on construction locations around London working with a great team. Photography was by Susan Porter-Thomas at SPT Photography and I was aided by my fantastic assistant Natasha, whose expertise and massaging our models cramps from holding tricky positions as well as her painting skills were greatly appreciated.

This was a calendar with a very limited run of no more than 100 copies which were auctioned to raise money for The Lighthouse Club which helps the families of those killed or injured in the construction industry. Images from the calendar are so exclusive they will not be available for general release, but it featured Byrne employees painted to vanish into a variety of different industrial backgrounds.

Byrne Brothers announced last week that the calendar raised in excess of £150,000 for The Lighthouse Club.

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FPBA Convention Las Vegas - 2011 images from Day 1

For the convention's opening jam I was booked to paint a model to vanish into an elaborate background I had created. Sadly my model did not show up due to a bit of confusion so I was left with a backdrop and no model. Thankfully as the evening wore on one of the organisers of the event Lea Selley volunteered to step in and model herself. I am in awe of her bravery not only to step in at the last minute like that, but to set aside her inhibitions in front of her peers. Thanks for being such a great sport Lea! It was Lea's first time as a bodypainting model and she did an amazing job. As I had much less time to paint Lea I chose an easy seated pose for her which had less detail to blend her into. Some day I will redo a bodypaint with this backdrop and use the full extent of the detail - until then - thankyou Lea for being such a fabulous model. I hope you enjoyed the experience!!

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