Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Skin Wars and Skin Wars Fresh Paint are now available on Netflix

Skin Wars and Skin Wars Fresh Paint are now available on Netflix

Mat Gleason, Emma Cammack and RuPaul Charles in Skin Wars Fresh Paint.

All three seasons of Skin Wars and all of the Skin Wars Fresh Paint episodes are available to stream on Netflix outside the USA so Skin Wars Fans around the world will now be able to see the show on demand. 

The show is hosted by RuPaul and features artists who are top of their field in different art mediums who try bodypainting for the first time in this knock out contest to win $10,000 each episode. With mentorship by the stars of the main Skin Wars show and with myself and Mat Gleason as judges. 

Skin Wars Fresh Paint Street, winner is revealed.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Pregnancy Bodypainting Collaboration

Photo: Erin White, Bodypainter: Emma Cammack, Model: Morgan Dodds
Sometimes personal collaborations create something beautiful. A few weeks ago I painted my pregnant friend, Morgan, who is due any day now. We discussed painting her growing bump and a plan developed. We wanted to paint something that represented a mother's love. "Being pregnant with our first child has been nothing but a sheer blessing. My husband and I waited 5 years of being married, while being stationed in Germany for 4 of those years with exploring the world together. We were ready for the next step in our lives." This is her first, much anticipated baby and Morgan is recording her pregnancy journey through photography and film. She is a Make-Up Artist and Cosmetologist and is fascinated with body art. We had met up a few times and discussed Bodypainting and all things Skin Wars. "I had met Emma a few times, and followed her on Facebook, as many of you know she's a judge off Skin Wars, and international body painter. I had uploaded a few pictures of my belly where Emma offered to paint my tummy. This turned into a beautiful collaboration between Emma Cammack, Tiffany Hudson, Erin White, and myself." Morgan chose elephants, so I painted an elephant calf holding it's mother's trunk onto her belly to represent her bond with her soon to be born little boy and to compliment the colours Morgan and her husband have chosen for their nursery. 

Bodypainting is not just for size 0 models. It is a way to own and celebrate your body in all it's majesty. Celebrating your body and creating art with it is empowering. Pregnancy in particular is a beautiful time in a woman's life. I love the fact that Morgan overcame her initial nervousness and trusted the team to create something to celebrate her pregnancy. Bodies are beautiful. Women too often worry about feeling too fat, or bloated or ugly in pregnancy, when in reality they are beautiful. Watching the behind the scenes video and seeing the genuine smiles and beauty in Morgan's face you can see how empowered the experience made her. 
Photo: Erin White, Bodypainter: Emma Cammack, Model: Morgan Dodds

It was wonderful to collaborate with some other local creatives who specialise in working with mothers and infants, something that was important to Morgan, "While working as a make up artist in the local military community I've had the best of times meeting the best of the best photographers, and extreme talent in the local area. Once I had confirmed I was pregnant I messaged Tiffany right away to film my birthing video. I have worked with her before for my business commercial and instantly fell in love with her work." Tiffany's business Tiffany Hudson Films specialises in Birth Videos, documenting the journey. 

Behind the Scenes. Photo: Erin White, Model: Morgan Dodds, Bodypainter: Emma Cammack

Our photographer Erin White works creates beautiful Maternity and newborn photography in her Baltimore Studio. Erin's work with Breast feeding Mothers nursing in nature, "Women in the Wild" went viral last year and she had worked with Morgan and developed a rapport. "I had met Erin a few years back, where I was her personal makeup artist for her photography business. This turned out so beautiful, and I couldn't have asked for a better group of ladies to help me and my son remember such a beautiful time in my life." Erin worked with Morgan and made her feel beautiful, comfortable and relaxed. 

Photo: Erin White, Bodypainter: Emma Cammack, Model: Morgan Dodds

The images and BTS video from the day are gorgeous. I love seeing process images and film and seeing art in development. What is lovely in this video is seeing the response from both Morgan and her baby to being painted. Some of the special moments from the shoot that Tiffany captured; like the baby move and respond to the brush stroked from inside the womb, kicking the brush and Morgan's belly moving with the brushstrokes and seeing the beautiful smile on Morgan's face that really shows how gorgeous she felt in the paint. Beautiful moments captured on film. Scroll to the bottom of this post to view it. 
Photo: Erin White, Bodypainter: Emma Cammack, Model: Morgan Dodds

Moments like this are meaningful for new mothers and can help remember the beauty and elegance of pregnancy. Pregnant women have an amazing aura and glow about them, I feel like Morgan was so serene, beautiful and empowered during this shoot. "Often times when a woman gets pregnant we don't always feel that confident as things are quickly changing inside, and on the outside. I never felt un beautiful, in fact after this day I felt the best I think I had ever felt in my pregnancy." I hope that together we have created memories she can cherish forever, even when this moment in her life is a distant memory. Don't forget to check out the behind the scenes video at the bottom of the post by Tiffany Hudson Films, it really captures the essence of being painted beautifully. 

The creative team on this project are: 

Photography by Erin White,  www.erinwhitephotography.com

Behind the Scenes Footage by Tiffany Hudson, www.tiffanyhudsonfilms.com

Bodypainting by Emma Cammack, www.emmacammack.com

Model and Make-Up Artist, Morgan Dodds, www.instagram.com/makeupbymorgandodds/

Bodypainting BTS from tiffany hudson on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Skin Wars Fresh Paint is now available on Hulu in the USA

Skin Wars Fresh Paint is now available on Hulu. 

Lots of Skin Wars fans have asked me where to see the show. Here is some news for those of you in America. Skin Wars Fresh Paint is now available from Hulu streaming service in the USA. You can check out the full season with your Hulu subscription. 

The show is hosted by the amazing RuPaul and is Skin Wars with a twist, a spin off show from the main Skin Wars Competition. In Skin Wars, Fresh Paint we invite experienced artists from different art mediums to try bodypaint for the first time and tackle some difficult bodypaint challenges.  

There are lots of appearances from the stars of Skin Wars seasons one, two and three as mentors, helping the new artists competing to win $10,000 each episode. 

Myself and Mat Gleason lead up the judge's panel to choose the Skin Wars Fresh Paint Champion each week. 

Check the show out and let me know if you enjoy it. 

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Skin Wars is now on Netflix

Fans of Skin Wars, the show is now available and currently trending on Netflix in the USA. Don't forget to look out for me as a guest judge, where I get to stand next to one of the most gorgeous women on the planet, Rebecca Romijin and to hang out with the amazing Ru Paul.

For those of you who are new fans of the show you can also catch Instagram Queen Kandee Johnson in the behind the scenes You Tube Show about Skin Wars called "The Naked Truth". Where Kandee finds out the behind the scenes scoop.

I loved working on Skin Wars making this amazing sequence for the opening credits. Love this cute little gif from it!!

No news on when and if it will be available in other regions yet. Keep your fingers crossed! 

Enjoy the show and let me know what you think!

Monday, 30 May 2016

Skin Wars Fresh Paint Season Premiere

Check out the trailer for the season premiere of Skin Wars Fresh Paint on GSN. The season will begin mid June. Look out for me in the trailer. 

Friday, 22 April 2016

Short Film of The Coalescence of Creation Installation Art from WBF

We created a film of my Award Winning Installation at the World Bodypainting Festival. Thank you to Josh Lim and The team at WBF for making this, it captures the experience beautifully. 

The Coalescence of Creation is an Installation compiled of Fibre Art and Body Art. A yarn Bomb created by 87 Fibre Artists from all over the world, inhabited by a rainbow of bodypainted dancers weaving human yarn in interconnectivity. The work by Emma Cammack, won the Special Award for Installation Art at the World Bodypainting Festival 2016, in Carinthia, Austria. 

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Throw back Thursday - Blue Peter Guest Appearance.

I have been working on updating my website recently and while I was searching for videos to include I found this blast from the past clip from my appearance on Blue Peter while browsing youtube and it was too good not to share. (scroll down for clip) Back in 2004 I was invited to be a guest on legendary British Childrens TV Show "Blue Peter". I had watched Blue Peter since I was a small child, and was excited to be on the show and to see how the show was filmed. 

I was painting one of the Blue Peter presenters, Gethin Jones, to vanish into the studio set, featuring the famous ship. Camouflage bodypainting is quite complicated and takes a lot of technical skill. It is very difficult to move models out of position and get them back perfectly to vanish. Normally when you paint models to blend into a background you paint them and them shoot the film or photo shoot immediately, but this was a live show, and the schedule meant it was not going o be able to happen that way. Gethin was only available to be painted for 3 and a half hours in the morning and had a series of meetings and rehearsals to go to during the day and the show went out live at 6.30pm. Clearly it was time to get creative. 

The majority of traditional body paints would simply rub off or be degenerated over time under Gethin's clothes when we went to his meetings. There was a minuscule amount of time for retouches. In the time since 2004 there are many many new professional bodypaint products on the market which would have the durability needed for this task, but back then there was less choice. I would not consider using products not meant for use on skin (even though there may have been some out there that would solve the problem) so in the end after lots of trials of products on my own arms and legs I used Temptu's Dura line painted both with an airbrush and by hand. The retouch time was used to paint Gethin's face with water based make-up. I used Wolfe FX for it's durability and strong pigmented colours. I also used Wolfe for some touch ups on the body here and there to make the design really pop. 

Although this may not be the most detailed camouflage bodypaint I have done, with the limitations on time and the structure of the day, it was one of the most difficult. Working on a Live TV show like Blue Peter was very exhilarating. No chance for retakes, or retouches, or mistakes. I Loved the fact that the BBC were happy to show bodypainting on a children's TV show as something interesting that children may be interested in learning about or learning how to do. I wrote a piece for the CBBC website about Facepainting and how to learn how to do it safely and well as a segway for children and parents interested in becoming involved in face and body art. They also showed lots of stills of my work in my intro on the show with body paintings of nude and near nude people without so much as a blink. It is still refreshing to see this great attitude to bodypaint not as a sexualised thing, but as a creative wonder. 

Blue Peter presenters Konnie Huq, Gethin Jones and Bodypainter Emma Cammack

Anyone reading from the UK will know Blue Peter, It has run on the BBC since 1958 and is the longest running children's TV show in the world. As a child I dreamed of winning a Blue Peter Badge and entered contests sending in pictures of my art over the years to do so but was never successful. One of the things I had not realised when I agreed to be on the show was that as a guest I would be presented with my own Blue Peter badge. So at the age of 30 I earned my Blue Peter badge and had my art featured on the show, which was the culmination of a childhood dream. I still have my badge proudly displayed in my studio.

The clip below shows part of the feature on the show showing time lapse film of myself and my assistant Tara painting Gethin while I am interviewed by Konnie Huq.