Saturday, 19 March 2011

Fashion TV Coverage of Fresh 2o Underwater Shoot

One of the celebrities I bodypainted for the recent underwater shoot with Candice from Fresh 2o was Fashion TV presenter Hofit Golan. Here is her report from the shoot with footage of both Hofit and Rosie Fellner bodypainted in the Tank.

Watch Fashion TV Coverage

Friday, 18 March 2011

Under Water Bodypainting images photography by Candice @ Fresh 2o

Last year I bodypainted for a shoot with Oscar winning photographer Candice for her charity Fresh 2o. Look what just landed in my mail box - some gorgeous shots from that day's shoot. The shoot featured celebrities posing for Candice in a tank. Featured here are: Actress Rosie Fellner, Socialite and TV Presenter Hofit Golan and British Olympians Karen Pickering and Jenna Randall. Hair was by Michael Barnes, Make-Up by Anne Marie Simak and Styling by Arabella Boyce.

Fresh 2o is a charity set up by Candice to ensure that everyone recieves the basic right to clean water.Thier work on clean water projects in Africa is awe inspiring. Enjoy the images and while you have a moment visit Fresh 2o's website and consider supporting thier work either by getting involved or buying a piece of Underwater Photography for your wall, there are a few of my underwater bodypainting shots available on the site for sale... its all in a good cause!

Olympic Swimmer Karen Pickering

Olympic Synchronised Swimmer Jenna Randall
British Actress Rosie Fellner

TV Presenter Hofit Golan and Actress Rosie Fellner

TV Presenter Hofit Golan

TV Presenter Hofit Golan

British Actress Rosie Fellner
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Thursday, 3 March 2011

FPBA Convention Las Vegas - 2011 - Student and Instructor Challenge

For the Instructor / Student Challenge I was set up with a great team of 3 students to mentor. We chose a design that would be organic and could grow and develop with the students confidence. In stead of asking htem to stick to my idea I wanted them to work within my framework for creating a base / backdrop and them let them jam and experiment with new techniques they had learnt at the convention, show off a bit. I am not really one for competition style body painting and and for a couple of them it was thier first ever bodypaint so I wanted to take the pressure to win and complete a set design I wanted finished to my standards off them and allow them to relax and enjoy their first bodypaint with no pressure to win. The finished look was completely different to how I would have painted it - but I love it as it has a created piece of each girl's creativity shining through all in all it is something of a collaborative collage. As it was even though we were not going for a podium position our design came in 3rd place. Our team consisted of myself, Ronnie Cyr, Erica Taylor and Holly Smith. Well done everyone!! Our model Melinda was a fantastic sport so a big thanks to her too!

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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

FPBA Convention Las Vegas - Day 4 Airbrushed Tattoos Class

Today I was back in the studio teaching at the FPBA Convention in Las Vegas. This time I was focussing on Airbrush Tattoos. We explored designing and creating your own stencils, suitable products, effective use of stencils and working with alcohol based paints as well as demonstrating a Gangland Tattoo look on my model Chris.

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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

FPBA Convention Las Vegas - 2011 Airbrush Demonstration

At this evening's Bodypainting Jam at the FPBA Convention I was asked to demonstrate a quick airbrush look. I painted this oriental inspired top on fellow Brit and Bodypainter Carolyn Roper. Carolyn was a superstar! I wish I looked this good in not much more than paint!!

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FPBA Convention Las Vegas - 2011 images from Day 3 - Quick Painted Clothes

Photo: Jason Harre - - 2011

Today's class I was teaching for the FPBA Convention at Harrah's, Las Vegas, was Quick Body Painted Clothes. I demonstrated a speedy cocktail dress look and broke out some practice bodies for the students to paint in teams alongside me. I demonstrated, blocking out the design, base application, creating folds and creases in fabric, highlighting and shading, creating a drop shadow, painting fine detail and sealing the look.

As I worked on my model the students got to work on thier own versions of the a cocktail dress look. It is always wonderful to see how amazing students work can be in a hands on class. I had a fantastic model - Alana who I hope to paint with again as she has a fantastic attitude.

Here are a few images from the class including a great shot of Alana by my husband Jason Harre who was the event's unofficial photographer.

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