Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Tatler - Mile High Timelapse Video

Just found this amazing time lapse video of the Mile High shoot for the Tatler Immersive experiences project. Great memories. I love watching things like this develop over time. What an amazing and tricky assignment! Thanks for sharing Tatler.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Cameleon Time Tattoo

Look what arrived in the mail today! Time Tattoo from Cameleon. A new product in conjunction with Senjo Colour Alcohol based tattoo inks. I have been using tattoo inks by Temptu and Reel for years for projects and was interested to see how these shaped up. I was impressed. They were easy to work with, painted easily, worked well when thinned with alcohol for shading. I am really looking forward to more shades and colours. 

Experimenting with the gorgeous new Time Tattoo Set from Cameleon. Love the blue back colour. Works great hand painted, next I'll try it through an airbrush smile emoticonSo far I am loving it and it is still going strong on my arm.