Thursday, 7 October 2010

Filming a commerical for L'Usine in Lebannon

A few months ago I flew out to Lebannon to shoot a TV commerical for Saudi Arabian Bakery company L'Usine. I was working for Beirut based City Films, who made me feel really welcome in Beirut. The concept was bodypainting three contortionists with faces on thier stomachs so that they can create strange creatures to feature in the advert. Definately one of the more unsusual requests I have had, technically tricky as the contortion positions can only be held for a short periods of time. The stomach stretches so much when contorted that all sorts of clever techniques had to be employed to paint detailled featured that were not distorted when the bodies were in position. The three contortionists featured were  JJ Langridge, David Pereira and Milo Gonzales. The commerical was directed by Gaute Hesthagen of Uitch I Scratch.

We shot three commerical over the three shoot days. View the commercials here:

L'Usine Commercial 1 - Instruments

L'Usine Commerical 2 - Games

L'Usine Commerical 3 - University

Below are a few stills from the shoot days.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Underwater Bodypainting at Clothes Show Live with photographer CAndice for Fresh 2O Charity.

Last week I was painting for three days at the Clothes Show live at Earl's Court. I was there as part of a fund raising and PR event for water charity Fresh 2o. Fresh 2o is run by Oscar winning photographer Candice who has found an excellent way to use her amazing photography skills to raise funds for this worth cause. Take a moment to check out thier website

A huge including celebrity stylist Arabella Boyce, Celebrity Hairstylist Michael Barnes, Make-Up Artists Hannah Wing and Anne Marie Simak and myself bodypainting worked our way through a veritable parade of celebrities and personalities from all walks of life creating amazing looks for them to submerge in the huge underwater tank Candice had set up in the Centre of the Clothes Show. There were about 15 models submerging for the shoot - which was a marathon of preparation and photography. I painted Olympiac Swimmer Karen Pickering, Olympic Synchro Swimmer Jenna Randall, Socialite and TV Presenter Hofit Golan and British Actress Rosie Fellner. It was high pressure to work with so many models in such a public arena but from what I can see so far the results looks amazing. I hope Fresh 2o raised lots of funds for thier current campaign!

Below are a few snaps from Fresh 2O's blog - finished images from Candice's underwater rig to follow at some point in the near future hopefully!

Candice and Hofit after a successful submerged shoot.

Hofit in the Spotlight

Rosie in action, to the left is CAndice with her underwater gear. Incredible!

Karen ready for her close up.

Karen ready for the submerge.

Me applying the finishing touches to Rosie's lingerie look.

Hofit in the Spotlight

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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Live Bodypainting for Caorunn Gin at the All Bar 10 Trade show in London

Today saw me painting live at a trade show for the Bar industry called All Bar 10. I was working for a bespoke gin company called Caorunn. They comissioned me to paint an Art Nouveau design espousing thier company style. I rendered the gin's logo as well as special celtic art nouveau symbols representing each of the infusions which make this gin so unsual onto a model live on their stand. I worked again with the ever lovely Kelby Keenan who is a fabulous model. I'm really pleased wiht the finished design, and we even got a few mentions in the trade press.

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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Rubicon painted hands billboard advert has gone live.

I've had various freinds telling me they have seen the Rubicon hands advert out there on bill boards in London. I am lookng forward to bumping into it at some stage over the next few days. In the mean time this is how it looks. I love it!!

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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Bodypainting for Saracen's New Kit Launch

Yesterday I was up at Wembley Stadium bodypainting for Saracens Rugby Club. Thier new kit was being launched at the club's Gala Fundraiser and I had the pleasure of painting West End Actor Julian Essex-Spurrier in the new strip.

Below are a few pics of the finished look.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Rubicon Billboard photo shoot at Studio 4

Last week I was painting at Studio 4 for an advertisment for soft drinks manufacturer Rubicon. The concept was to take a family of five and have thier hands stacked up with a painting of the new family sized soft drink painted over the tower of hands. It was a great day for co-incidences as it turned out the nail tech for the job was one of my ex students Keti Nikolova and one of the hand models turned out to be fellow make-up artist Sushma Pugalia who I used to share an agent with. Small world! The models were great, it was tricky to stay still for such a long time and our youngest model who was 7 did an absolutely amazing job. I am not sure my 7 year old would manage to stay still for so long.

The photography was by Studio 4's Ross Perkins, it was great to work with such an amazing team. I really hope I get to work with them again as studio 4 has a fantastic vibe. Yesterday Studio 4 added some behind the scenes pics to thier blog - so below is a sneak peak of what we got up to. I am sure the final cut will be amazing!!

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Monday, 22 March 2010

Bodypainting Suzanne Shaw of Emmerdale for Celebs on Sunday Magazine Cover and Feature

Last week I was asked to bodypaint Suzanne Shaw of Emmerdale for the cover of The Mirror's Celebs on Sunday Magazine. The concept was to make her look as though she was covered in mud before she was submerged in a bath of mud as well for the feature set to accompany the actress and singer joining the cast of Emmerdale.

Celebs on Sunday coverage

Some images below:

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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Backstage at The Brit Awards 2010 with Cheryl Cole.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been working with Cheryl Cole's team of stylists and Make-Up artists  preparing for her performance at the Brit Awards of her hit single Fight for this Love. I had 30 males dancers to paint with tribal tattoos. I had a great team working with me: Natasha Feldman, Vanessa Wayne and Lyndsay Lily Keys. Thanks girls you made it loads of fun and terrible glamourous!!

View Cheryl's performance on The Brits website

Daily Mail Coverage

Paparazzi Coverage

OK Magazine Coverage

Hello Magazine Coverage

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