Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Rubicon Billboard photo shoot at Studio 4

Last week I was painting at Studio 4 for an advertisment for soft drinks manufacturer Rubicon. The concept was to take a family of five and have thier hands stacked up with a painting of the new family sized soft drink painted over the tower of hands. It was a great day for co-incidences as it turned out the nail tech for the job was one of my ex students Keti Nikolova and one of the hand models turned out to be fellow make-up artist Sushma Pugalia who I used to share an agent with. Small world! The models were great, it was tricky to stay still for such a long time and our youngest model who was 7 did an absolutely amazing job. I am not sure my 7 year old would manage to stay still for so long.

The photography was by Studio 4's Ross Perkins, it was great to work with such an amazing team. I really hope I get to work with them again as studio 4 has a fantastic vibe. Yesterday Studio 4 added some behind the scenes pics to thier blog - so below is a sneak peak of what we got up to. I am sure the final cut will be amazing!!

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