Monday, 10 January 2011

FPBA Convention Las Vegas - 2011

 Next month I will be teaching and bodypainting at the FPBA Convention in Las Vegas. The instructors include aretists such as Myself, Mark Reid, Pashur, Carolyn Roper, The Wolfe Brothers, Wiser, Lea Selley, Gary Cole, Wolf Richter, Vargas and many more!

Purpose of the Face Painting and Body Art Convention is:
  • foster creativity through education
  • provide an opportunity for artists to connect with and learn from one another in a family friendly, PG environment.
  • reach out to others and encourage them to understand that their artistic abilities are blessings that can transform not only faces, but hearts as well
  • inspire individuals to “invest in their future” by assisting them to build businesses that will enrich their lives and allow them to follow their dreams
  • offer a time and place for fellowship and sharing that promotes positive attitudes and actions

 It is a fantastic opportunity to expand your skills and learn in a safe fun environment from experts.

Look forward to seeing you there!!

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