Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Skin Wars Fresh Paint is now available on Hulu in the USA

Skin Wars Fresh Paint is now available on Hulu. 

Lots of Skin Wars fans have asked me where to see the show. Here is some news for those of you in America. Skin Wars Fresh Paint is now available from Hulu streaming service in the USA. You can check out the full season with your Hulu subscription. 

The show is hosted by the amazing RuPaul and is Skin Wars with a twist, a spin off show from the main Skin Wars Competition. In Skin Wars, Fresh Paint we invite experienced artists from different art mediums to try bodypaint for the first time and tackle some difficult bodypaint challenges.  

There are lots of appearances from the stars of Skin Wars seasons one, two and three as mentors, helping the new artists competing to win $10,000 each episode. 

Myself and Mat Gleason lead up the judge's panel to choose the Skin Wars Fresh Paint Champion each week. 

Check the show out and let me know if you enjoy it.