Tuesday, 20 January 2015

When couture baby wearing meets top of the line body paint. Playing with new Cameleon colours!!

I have been playing with gorgeous Cameleon Robin's Egg and my beautiful new Artipoppe 2 Birds Peacock Baby wrap. Mixing my passion for Make-Up with my passion for Babywearing. heart emoticon Love Escher's 2 Birds pattern and the fabulous Cameleon colours!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Dr Who themed "Exploding Tardis" Bodypaint.

I have been promising to paint a Dr Who themed body paint on to my friend Gabby's belly while she is pregnant. Yesterday looked lie the last chance before the wee lad was finally born so we hung out watched X-Files and painted some Dr Who Geekery.

The Exploding Tardis is an image created for the BBC for "The Pandorica Opens" for Series 5 of Dr Who. The image is based on an imagines painting by Van Gogh featuring the Dr's Tardis exploding in the sky in Van Gogh's signature style. It is a great image and perfect for a pregnancy body paint. We thought it was an very apt design to paint onto Gabby's belly, what with the whole "bigger on the inside" thing.

Dr Who, Exploding Tardis, Emma Cammack, Bodypaint
Dr Who themed "Exploding Tardis" Bodypaint by Emma Cammack, 2015

Painted with Cameleon Bodypaints. Using some fabulous new colours from their range, particularly the new "Purdy Purple" which provides the dark purply blue tones, and the new Scareline colour "Tiger" which adds a rich ochre orange shimmer to the explosion, and Van Gogh's signature swirls.

Friday, 9 January 2015

New Cameleon Colours!!

Just got a gorgeous package of new Cameleon colours, Purdy purple, Blood Rain, Leeloo and Tiger. Doodling about to try them out.... LOVE them! The colours are strong, great pigmentation, smooth to work with and last well. Thanks Cameleon you are amazing yet again! xx