Thursday, 7 October 2010

Filming a commerical for L'Usine in Lebannon

A few months ago I flew out to Lebannon to shoot a TV commerical for Saudi Arabian Bakery company L'Usine. I was working for Beirut based City Films, who made me feel really welcome in Beirut. The concept was bodypainting three contortionists with faces on thier stomachs so that they can create strange creatures to feature in the advert. Definately one of the more unsusual requests I have had, technically tricky as the contortion positions can only be held for a short periods of time. The stomach stretches so much when contorted that all sorts of clever techniques had to be employed to paint detailled featured that were not distorted when the bodies were in position. The three contortionists featured were  JJ Langridge, David Pereira and Milo Gonzales. The commerical was directed by Gaute Hesthagen of Uitch I Scratch.

We shot three commerical over the three shoot days. View the commercials here:

L'Usine Commercial 1 - Instruments

L'Usine Commerical 2 - Games

L'Usine Commerical 3 - University

Below are a few stills from the shoot days.